Master in Mining Engineering
Transforming the European extractive industry with the RaVeN mining engineering program's holistic approach to resources and sustainability

Europe requires a skilled workforce in the raw materials industry for the development of innovative technologies and future industries.There is a significant imbalance between raw material acquisition and consumption in Europe, which requires a greater commitment to securing supply chains. To address this challenge, the RaVeN EIT-Labelled master's programme in Mining Engineering offers an innovative education programme. The programme emphasizes a comprehensive approach to resources, with a focus on a holistic value chain and closing the gap between the supply of and demand for raw materials. The programme follows an active learning path that involves students and seeks unconventional solutions for a more self-contained and sustainable economy. The programme is a collaboration between three university partners with a broad geographical and cultural spectrum, contributing expertise and an entrepreneurial mindset to the programme.

Participating universities:
  1. 1 AGH UST, Krakow, Poland
  2. 2 TU Freiberg, Germany